Friday, October 2, 2009

Prego Perky

So, as most of you who read this probably already know(considering I only know of 2 people who do..) I'm PREGNANT! I thought it might be kinda fun to share how the last 3 months went down, considering we were hiding it until yesterday. It was kinda surreal at first, it still is in a way;even though I have now seen our little baby boy moving around and felt him moving around...i still cant believe it sometimes. PJ and I have known about this since July 22nd. We were in UT visiting my parents, and brought a pregnancy test (pee sticks, as we so lovingly dubbed them) with us because we had a hunch. The next day I went to go visit my sister, Heidi, who just had her baby girl. As I was holding her my mom said something like "Don't get any ideas" a bit late for that, but we didnt want to tell anyone yet. Our first appointment was August 17th. I though i was 8, maybe 10wks along at most. Dr. Bitters felt my stomach and announced "no, youre bigger than that, probably more like 12-13" I was shocked to say the least. My stomach was still relatively flat! I had morning sickness, sure, but 3 months already?? I was excited, scared, happy, worried, and didnt know what to think. The next month was a whirlwind of working 30 hours a week, losing my equilibrium,throwing up 75% of what i ate, bubble baths, and sleeping more than usual. I started to feel useless, very dependent on others. I couldnt lift heavy things at work, couldnt do the dishes without getting sick, or clean my house without having my legs turn to jello and my body wanting a nap. I had to change my mind set a bit, I admit, I still dont quite have it changed. I couldnt expect myself to be the same as I always had been, I felt fragile, and it was weird. On September 16th we had our second appointment, with a different doctor because Dr. Bitters was gone. She treated us like idiots, and didnt answer any of my questions. And, announced that I was 12-13 wks THIS month, I told her she was wrong, that they said that last month. She then said "well, youre small enough to be 12, but you could be big enough to be 16, we'll have to get an utrasound to be sure" Sooo we scheduled the ultrasound around our busy work schedules. They make you hold 32 oz of water so that your bladder is reallllly full, telling a pregnant woman to hold that much water is insane. Darcy got some measurements, and then let PJ and his dad in. She asked if i wanted to know what it was, and of course I did, when i was far enough to tell. She says " oh you can tell...want to know?" YES! "its a boy, thats not a third leg." The utrasound was...amazing to say the least, to see that little person moving around inside...knowing its something so incredible, so gratifying, I could have watched him all day. I am officially 17 wks pregnant and due March 9th! We still have noo idea what to name him, I dont want to name him the wrong thing and later go, we're still working on that. There's a reason they call them miracles, he really truly is the most beautiful little miracle I've ever seen.