Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chick Flicks

Today I watched the movie "Ever After" and realized, chick flicks are not the same as they used to be. Before I got married watched them alone, or with one to a few of my good friends. Now I usually just watch them alone on my days off. The weirdest part is how I think about them now though. Watching them with my friends we would always talk about how we wanted a quality from one of the princes, or amazing characters the writers came up with. We would say how we wanted the way he looked, the way he was so smart, how he was so kind, the way he sang, or played guitar...etc etc...taking pieces of them to create in our minds our "ideal guy", our "prince charming" And now, I watch them alone most days, with completely different thoughts. I find myself thinking "haha, i have that, and that, and that." It's odd how after all those years of compiling a perfect man from movies and books, that I no longer watch and want what the girl in the movie has. Who I have is so insanely perfect for me, there's no fantasy I can find that's better. And... occasionally he'll watch them with me too...Life is good.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Treasure Valley and Their Love for Boise State

Boise State's football team was about as popular as Duke University's (Duke doesnt win games. ever.) before the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. That year, BSU was undefeated, but a small-town, low-class, no-name enough school to not get a playoff with the no. 1 team in the nation or anything like that. they beat the Sooners in their Bowl game, everyone was shocked, amazed, happy, woo. The next year - last year - Boise State finished their season 12-1. they werent undefeated like the year before, but still, that's pretty good. that's one team with talented players who all play well together.

But as the first game of BSU's 2009 season approaches, against a well-ranked Oregon Ducks... Boise is going psycho. I counted in the car. 3 radio stations: 100.3, 101.1, 103.3 - for every commercial break, there's about 7 to ten commercials. for every commercial break, there's at least one BSU/DUCKS ad about "winning tickets," "it's duck season," or some other pathetic attempt to publicize and capitalize on their sudden burst of talent, and at least one more ad about "catching bsu fever" in general. that's a fifth of the commercial airtime (not to mention the dj's talking about it over and over and over and over) committed to Boise's biggest "hit" since potatoes or the worlds first chair-lift ever. woo.

But I dont care. I dont get the hype (well, kinda, but this is way too much.) Let me explain. I grew up in North Carolina. The heart of high school and college sports. as for college ball, I lived in the center of Duke, UNC, NC State, Wake Forest. even Appalachian State wasnt too far and they've made the news recently too. But for all these sports teams surrounding me, I knew it was game DAY when car flags were up and shirts were worn, and less people came to Chick Fil A because they were all out at the game... there was no game WEEK. No radio announcemnets or stupid tv commercials were the mosquitoes have some teams' colors for blood... The NCAA basketball tournament was played in my highschool in every locker bay and all around the commons area. And (as usually occured) Duke or UNC would make the Final Four, and ONLY THEN would everyone would begin to sensationalize the radio and tv ads, give away tickets, and have raffles and parties and all this CRAP idaho is doing for BSU's FIRST game of the 2009 season...

But here is were all this BSU hype crap seems familiar to me. My high school foot ball team was TERRIBLE until my sophomore year. They got a great team together and had some luck, and made it pretty darn close to the playoffs. then my junior year they did make it, and lost. (but the other school had a rule you could come there just to play football, as long as you got a ride yourself. so there were kids from all over the state that would go to Independence, just to play football. so it wasnt surprising we lost to them.) BUT... it didnt last. as everyone graduated, and moved on, the JV team took over the varsity team, and we went 1-11. the only win was due to a forfeit...

So BSU won a bowl. they went undefeated. they had a great team. whoopdy-freakin-do. I understand enjoying it while it lasts, and good for them if they win and can keep winning. But seriously, all you BSU fans are in for a HUGE "i told you so" when they start to suck again. not if, but when. and I'm guessing within three years. So I may be sick to death of your ads and your hype and your shirts and colors and even wal-mart hanging up squeaky-dog-toy ducks on a BSU-themed display... But now that I've complained, I'll sit back and swallow my words for now. We'll see how game ONE, and the rest of the 2009 season pans out...

but i'll still be sitting on my 'i told you so.' just waiting for the day I can listen to the radio and watch TV.

or i'll just move somewhere else and leave you guys to your Bronco Nation bs.