Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Sunshine

Everyone needs something or someone to bring some sunshine into their lives. Without it we would simply lose hope. My sunshine is a little 2'8" bundle of joy and wonder. My kaleb. He is hands down the most amazing person on this planet. He sees the world with the most interesting perspective, and it helps change my perspective. When it rains,he hold his hands out to catch it and giggles as it hits his hands and face(and toes if we decide to run around without shoes...) for him,its like a miracle when it rains. The snow is the same. Last year he was too little to enjoy it,but it snowed here reccently and he ran outside eld his arms out and spun around saying "wwwwooowww". I was so mad when it snowed,until he did that. To him,everything about nature and the world we live in is spectacular. His bedtime song is you are my sunshine,because he is just that for me. On my bad days(and lets face it,i have many) he snuggles with me and hugs my legs. And when i ask him if he wants another baby he says"yeahh" and then ill ask if he thinks he will be a good big brother and he says "" and i explain that he will be because hes kind,and gentle,and smart,and a wonderful helper,and good at playing and sharing and i mean it all,and,the best part,he believes me. He isnt perfect, i have been drawn to tears when he wont eat for three days, and he scares me to death trying to jump off the back of the couch. He frustrates me when all he does is whine...but overall when i just dont want to face the world,he is my sunshine. Always willing to let me scoop him up and paint,or make a mess helping me cook. His giggle is like the sun itself,it always makes me happy without fail. When he was born,i knew he was special,but every parent thinks that. I just didnt know HOW important,amazing,and essential to my life he would be. He is my sunshine and he is my angel. I love him so much. Soooooo very truly much. Love you my bugaboo,baby k,squeakers,sweetie,goober,angel bud,snuggle bug,my darling kaleb.