Friday, April 30, 2010


There is this website and I am officially obsessed. If i had unlimited baking supplies and free time I would probably bake all day long(and weigh 400 lbs, but heyyy, oh well. haha). I've made the cake pops a couple times now, and honestly the first attempt wasnt horrible, but the next time was better. Cake pops are crumbled cake mixed with frosting,rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate.These were the first(below) we made them for easter,hence the lil chick faces and body.And they're delicious.

I find myself clicking all the links to things she used to make the different confections and adding them to my amazon account and putting as save for later. Because seriously, when you have a 2 month old baby, you cant afford time or money to waste on baking supplies. But there are the sprinkles,candy molds,baking cups, squeezie bottles,fondant, edible markers,cute gift boxes and the list goes on and on. I'm planning Birthday presents for my sister( cheescake balls) and my niece( a really cool fondant mini cake) and making chocolates/desserts for the holidays in the eminent future for the rest of forever. I want to try it all, and be really good at it, I'd say I'm passionate about baking now. Its a strange passion, one of which requires time I do not usually have. One passions are set aside for the time being though and I dont usually bake when i want to, mostly because I dont have the supplies. Until I find the time to be selfish I indulge in Bakerella,plotting to one day make it all.