Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So basically i think im the MOST impatient person on the planet.
There are so many stupid little things that i just don't see the point of waiting around for,patience is a virtue i do not have.probably never will.

1. Checks:I work at Bed Bath and Beyond...and the other day this old lady decides to write a check to pay. Normally this is only kinda annoying because it takes so long to fill out the check, that the line backs up, and that causes problems...but that day, I was soooo annoyed at anyone filling out checks because we were so busy. Then this lady, takes forever and a half writing everything in, and then we have to ask for ID, which she conveniently left in her car. Once she finally gets back in, the check is denied!! As it turns out, she had to cancel those checks because of some crazy thing that happened, and takes forever telling me this crazy story, trying to decide how to pay. then remembers she got her new checks...and starts alllll over again writing it. It probably took like 20 minutes to finish a $20 purchase...i hate checks. they take forever..

2. Boiling water. I make a lot of pasta, i think water should boil faster. haha

3. Closing. Even though we Close at 9 on week days we never really close at 9. People walk in the door at 915, because we are Bed Bath and Beyond and have impeccable customer service. haha. and we cant lock the doors at exactly 9(which is a total safety risk if you ask me) and they continue shopping until 945 ish. go home people!

I should probably just relax and stop wanting things to go so fast, life's only so long, no reason to rush it. but i cant help it. I'm one impatient girlie.

Bye bye hair!

My hair was was finally getting longer again, it was just past my collarbone and it was drivin me crazy! i kept saying i was just gonna chop it all off, but i was too chicken until Monday. i thought about it all day at work. there was no point in having it long if it's just up in a ponytail all the time..why not chop it off? and right when i got off, before i could change my mind..i went into great clips to chop it. there was a 35 minute wait, so i had 35 minutes so sit there and reconsider. then they called my name. i told her just to chop it off kinda like one of the pictures in one of the hairstyle books. and the stylist goes "that's about 5 inches, you sure?" i was sure. i looove having it this short, guys are so lucky, short hair is the easiest thing in the world to take care of. I can towel dry my hair now!! and, the best part, i can give myself a Mohawk now :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Does anyone actually read this or am I just writing for no reason at all??
I mean seriously, blogging is weird. I'm sitting here spilling my thought onto this page that someone may or may not read...and really...who wants to read my random thoughts, I'm not that witty or funny. And then as i was writing another posting (yet to be published, its screwy for some reason, the font is freakin out...) i thought why do i do this? i really dont think anyone follows this. i have fun reading other peoples blogs...but i wonder if anyone actually reads mine. which in a way, if they do, if YOU do, its totally weird, like i said, my life isnt that interesting, i dont know how to blog. am I writing this just to appease me? cause thats just ridiculous.