Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bye bye hair!

My hair was was finally getting longer again, it was just past my collarbone and it was drivin me crazy! i kept saying i was just gonna chop it all off, but i was too chicken until Monday. i thought about it all day at work. there was no point in having it long if it's just up in a ponytail all the time..why not chop it off? and right when i got off, before i could change my mind..i went into great clips to chop it. there was a 35 minute wait, so i had 35 minutes so sit there and reconsider. then they called my name. i told her just to chop it off kinda like one of the pictures in one of the hairstyle books. and the stylist goes "that's about 5 inches, you sure?" i was sure. i looove having it this short, guys are so lucky, short hair is the easiest thing in the world to take care of. I can towel dry my hair now!! and, the best part, i can give myself a Mohawk now :)

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