Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chicken salad sandwich

I have decided that whoever came up with this sandwich was drunk.i one sits down and goes" hmmmm I think I'll make some chicken,and then slather it in mayo,and add...grapes! And and....celery!! Sounds like it would be delicious!" um no. That just sounds like the WEIRDEST combination of things ever..if you like it that's awesome, I believe you have a drunk someone to thank for this ridiculous combination. Blehhh.have not found one yet that I like. I'll eat it,but...not a fan.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

New place!

We moved into an apartment,a basement apartment that is. A couple houses down from my parents,'s two houses down.haha. But it's our own space. And I was feeling so excited to move in here. And now that we are here I find myself experiencing what I believe to be called buyers remorse. Overwhelmed with unpacking and small spaces,although it's bigger than our first apt...after living in a house with three floors,this is tiiiiiny. Anyone ever seen Under the Tuscan Sun? Good/odd movie. In it she says "buyers remorse is a very common affliction among new homeowners,Just because you have the sudden urge to weep,doesn't mean you've made a mistake." But that's about how I feel. I look around this new place that kaleb can't figure out why we are here instead of the only home he knows and all the boxes and mess and want to cry. I know eventually we'll get it clean,but it's just so disheartening at the moment. I'm sooo excited to have our own space once again,it will be awesome.It's the unpacking and money I'm stressed about.