Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chick Flicks

Today I watched the movie "Ever After" and realized, chick flicks are not the same as they used to be. Before I got married watched them alone, or with one to a few of my good friends. Now I usually just watch them alone on my days off. The weirdest part is how I think about them now though. Watching them with my friends we would always talk about how we wanted a quality from one of the princes, or amazing characters the writers came up with. We would say how we wanted the way he looked, the way he was so smart, how he was so kind, the way he sang, or played guitar...etc etc...taking pieces of them to create in our minds our "ideal guy", our "prince charming" And now, I watch them alone most days, with completely different thoughts. I find myself thinking "haha, i have that, and that, and that." It's odd how after all those years of compiling a perfect man from movies and books, that I no longer watch and want what the girl in the movie has. Who I have is so insanely perfect for me, there's no fantasy I can find that's better. And... occasionally he'll watch them with me too...Life is good.

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  1. So true, huh Rach! That is funny. You and PJ both are such good writers, it is fun to read whatever you've blogged for the day (or month, in your case haha). BLOG MORE!