Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top Ten things I've wanted to eat while being pregnant

Everyone always made it seem like you would get these uncontrollable cravings that just make you crazy while pregnant. I have not gotten any of these, my "cravings", if you can call them that, are more like, hmm, that sounds good. and then like 75% of the time i cant find exactly what i was wanting, so i go without or find something are the ten thing i want most.

1. Arbys Roast beef sandwiches. My favorite is still the french dip and swiss despite my throwing it up.

2. Subway. Anything from subway is delicious, but turkey and meatball are my favorites.

3. Salad. About once a week I want to eat salad, sadly when these hit we don't usually even have lettuce.

4. Salty Food. anything salty, this includes :chips, popcorn, beef jerky,pretzels, saltines...stuff like that.

5. Pizza. it was good before, now its Heavenly.

6. Cheese. Especially frozen cheese, or anything with cheese in it or on it.

7. Ice cream. This week i have officially polished off one thing of dreyers peppermint ice cream, and about 3/4 of and off brand vanilla. alone. i ate all of it. haha.

8. Air head Sour Belts. if you haven't tried these, go find one, they're really good, but then again i could be crazy, i am pregnant after all.

9. Chik fil A. this one sucks because Idaho sucks and Chik Fil A doesnt exist up here. so i have yet to satisfy this craving.

10. Cafe Rio. another horrible one. Once again, no Cafe Rio in Idaho. but it always sounds sooooo good.

Of course i eat lots of other things, the weirdest one I want, but not all the time is milk. i hated milk before, but now its really good sometimes. being pregnant just makes me think about food a lot, i feel like an addict. im gonna go eat breakfast now.

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