Monday, May 3, 2010

New...Title Thingy...

Sooo, i decided I wanted to re-name my blog to something that makes a little more sense.Life Unexpected just made sense. Mostly because my life is just that, EXTREMELY unexpected.My senior year my friends were betting when I would get married, i had somewhere between 2 months and a year after going to college according to that. But I didnt think I'd be married for a long time. In fact if I wasn't married by 26 I gonna move to Italy and buy a villa. And then i went to BYU-I and on the first day of classes I met PJ. By my 19th birthday I was engaged. Married January 3rd 2009, and in July i found out i was pregnant. One unexpected thing after another. And now being a mom, every single day is new and unexpecting, So this is still the same blog, just a more fitting title.

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  1. SOOOO true girl. I love your blog! And unexpectadly.. our lives are pretty similar. who'da expected that~!? lol