Friday, January 7, 2011

Breakfast With Kaleb

Kaleb has decided baby food is disgusting.
He refuses to eat it.
So we are now feeding him real food

Only one glitch with his idea...

He doesn't have any teeth yet.
Needless to say, this has made mealtime quite the adventure.
This was his breakfast this morning.

He starts with the cheerios in a bowl.
And then shakes the bowl cause he likes the sound it makes

Dumps the cheerios allllll over the floor

Crushes them with the bowl

then puts some of them back into the bowl.

then he eats them

cute eh?
I think so.
pay no mind to the messy room...
a double ear infection and the a stubborn tooth that wont come in for kaleb
have sorta ruined any progress this week.


  1. Cheerios always taste better with fuzz anyway, right?

    Cute pictures! I'll put your blog in Dad's google reader so he can easily see your posts!

  2. hahahahah this was adorable. I laughed when I saw this... and atleast you have an excuse with the double ear infection thing for a messy house. even before when I wasn't on bedrest my house looked ninety times worse... lol ah well.