Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5 years from now

Remember in elementary when they'd ask you to make a list or goal of things you like to be or have in 5 years or more? Well...I want to make one now that I'm an "adult" and have more realistic..not to mention expensive goals.
1. Have another baby..which is contingent upon numero 2 a bit. And I would like a girl. I already have a name picked out and everything.and yes. I am verrrry baby hungry...our budget is not.

2. Have a house! I keep saying I don't want another baby until we more than two rooms.And right now two rooms is all we have.this one seem pretty much impossible at this point. But I would loooove a house.

3. Get a 2nd car!! one with Four doors and a large trunk. love the yaris. its just really difficult to fit in with a baby...a second child would not work in that car. Im thinking i want an old 4-runner or nissan xterra. but chances are it will be a smaller four door car. which is ok too. 

4. Have a job that allows me to stay home. i hate working at night and leaving my family and missing bath time and family dinner....etc etc. 

5. Have a substantial college savings started for kaleb...theres a little bit...but not nearly enough.i know i have  lot of years, but it will just be easier to start now.

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  1. I think that is a great and pretty realistic list! I've got a list too...all of which seems so out of reach!

    I love you! We need to play more often!