Monday, February 16, 2009

Being Married :)

1. Firstly, i love it. I was never one that like being "tied down", when i got engaged people told me i was a free spirit, and they never thought I'd get married so young. And its not like i planned to get married this young, i really just enjoy being an individual, weird, odd...whatever. But...this free spirit actually really likes it :) it doesn't change who i am at all, i just laugh a lot more.

2. It's weird how after you get married it's no longer a "me" or "I" it's a "We" and "Us" thing. and how in conversations its no longer today I did this, its today WE did this and... blah blah etc. Notice how the "about me" thing on the blog is not a "Me" it's and "Us" it's as if being married makes you one and the same, we're (there's the plural thing again..) a pair, not one without the other, its strange.

3. In the morning you wake up, and there's someone there. If that's not weird after years of being told not to have boys in the bedroom, i don't know what is.

4. When i cook, or bake, I have suddenly started making way too much. i never made too much food before, but now I over estimate the portions that the two of us will eat a lot. this last week i made sugar cookies, I cut the 1/2 recipe in half, and there were still like 24 ish cookies. needless to say we ate them. my over cooking skill is going to make us fat, especially if i keep baking.

5. two people can make a sink of dishes fill up as fast as a household of 7. i really dont know how this is possible, but i swear, im doing dishes all day long. haha.

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  1. OH. MY. GOSH. I have been thinking the same thing lately. How in the world can two people generate the same amount of dishes as an entire family? It is rather annoying. I've never done dishes so much in my life!

    I like your blue sheep at the top. Cute!

    Tell Heid to make a blog. PLEASE.