Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Blog Name

PJ: it's kinda a long, fun story. here's rachel to tell it

Rachel: today after church we decided to take a nap. when both of us were semi awake pj went downstairs to get a drink, and when he came back up he had captain crunch, bowls, and milk. so we ate captain crunch in bed for...i guess it was dinner...and while we were eating captain crunch in bed, i decied to create a blog. But it says you have to name it, and i'm really bad at naming things (our poor hampster had like 5 names before we finally decided on mo...and we named our girl snake rasputin...) so i texted my little sister and asked her what i should name it, and she says "name it..I have a black pig. He is my pal. hahahaha" apparently its from this poem my mom wrote when she was really little, its ridiculous. umm.... then some how it went from black pig to blue sheep...and since we were only half awake, it was funny, hence the blog being named i have a little blue sheep he is my pal. =]

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