Thursday, March 5, 2009


Our kitten-supplier (like they're drugs or something?), his name is Tony, emailed us this last monday and sent us more pictures. We're planning to get two of the little fluffy bundles of cuddle. the kittens are up and playing around, playing with each other and developing their curiosities and such. He says they're growing well!! There are a lot of pictures on my (pj's) facebook, and I'll hurry and post some here once i figure out how. We're very excited and keep putting the newest and cutest pictures on our computer's background. My brother-in-law, Derek says it's like we're expecting a child or something.

Derek and Rachel have a cat too. she's a bit over a year old, but we're hoping she'll enjoy the company of our kittens. we'll slowly introduce them. but who knows.

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