Tuesday, March 17, 2009

we got our kittens!!

So, we drove to Payette yesterday and got to meet the six little mewing fluff-balls. I (pj) had already kind of liked one from the pictures Tony had sent us - he's a grey-black tabby with a little bit of orange calico in him. He's a total scamp, too! and a very loud meow-er. but he came right over to me to start with, and I knew I wanted him. We spent a little while looking at the other kittens, two short haired tabbys, one all black, one orange, and one poofy black and grey one. Once they were out of the crate, they started wandering EVERYWHERE through the house, so it was somewhat hard to see them all. But Rachel pickced up the fluffy little shy sad-faced kitten and fell in love with him when he just sat down on her lap.

We brought our kittens home - mewing VERY loud all the way home - and let them out to explore their new home. they were very fun, playful, cute, and adorable!!! they fell asleep a few times on their parents' laps while we watched movies before we too were tired.

we were, at first, unsure of where we should keep them - especially at night. we tried our room for a while. we got them to sleep - for 20 minutes - before they were up, meowing and climbing on us. we put them back in their little petbed/house thing and realized then, that one of them pooped on the carpet. blah. i cleaned that up and we then moved the kittens to the bathroom where they stayed the night.

I'm way sick right now - headcold, congested, and all i smell is snot. gross, i know - so I downed some nyquil and sudafed after moving the kittens to the bathroom. needless to say, i was pretty out of it. i woke up several times during the night - i THINK i thought the cats were still in the room, and i woke up quite sweaty, with a sweaty pillow just from being sick and hot and out of it - but i totally thought the cats had peed on my pillow or something. now i realize how funny that seems. it freaked me out at night though.

but we love our kittens!!! we're working on litter training, etc. but they're still young - only had them for a day!

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  1. You totally had me laughing at the "I thought they peed on my pillow" part. I have nights like that totally where I'm so confused and just have absolutely no clue of ANYTHING! I looked at your pictures on facebook, they are darling. Any names yet?