Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Thank you for calling Bed Bath and Beyond. This is Rachel, how may I help you?"

Most days I love my job. Some days, I want to just scream at all the customers. I swear we get the worst people in there because of our policy of the customer ALWAYS being right. Here are some things that make me hate my job:

1. Cell Phones. GET OFF OF THEM! when you come up to check out, dont be talking on your cell phone! it soooo insanely annoying, and rude.

2.Trying to barter down the "As Is" merchandise or complaining when something is wrong with it. First of all, its AS IS. There is a reason it's been marked down to less, and its labeled clearly on the bright red As Is sticker on the product. The other day this lady came in and when she brought everything up to me i rang up the comforter set that was marked as is. It was already down 50%, and she goes "can you possibly mark that down more, its an As Is product, i feel like there should be more off it." so I explained that it was marked down for missing an item, and showed her the tag, which stated that it was missing the sheets. and she gets this shocked look on her face and goes " but, but i want the sheets, thats the whole reason I'm getting this set and not just the comforter....since it doesnt have what i want, it really should get marked down some more..." oh my gosh, i wanted to shoot her. that's the reason its ALREADY marked down!

3. People that come in looking for the same product that they've had for 20 yrs. Theirs just broke and they want a new one, exactly like the old one. I have some really hard news for ya, they just dont make things like they used to, there's no way we'll find the exact same thing.

4. Our return policy. This guy came in the other day wanting to return 2 plate sets. when we asked him what was wrong, he simply explained that he wanted to exchange them for new ones because he has had them for 2 yrs now, and after putting them in the dishwasher for 2 yrs, it was allll the dishwashers fault he said, they are beginning to crack, and he would like some new ones in place of the old ones, free of charge. We said okay. lame.

5. We are no longer allowed to make a closing announcement. can you say aggravating?? if people are still walking around at 10:30 (we're supposed to be closed at 9:00) we cannot kick them out, we have to let them stay.

6. when people say "It doesn't matter" when i ask if they would like to run it as debit or as credit and then get mad if i pick the one they didnt want. well yes it does matter actually, for one you need to have valid ID, and for the other you need a pin number....and then when i ask you to sign and i need ID they say" well, hello? what about my pin number???" like I'm an idiot. yeahhh....don't do that.

7. Trying to look up Bridal Registries when they dont know the name. "i'd like to look up a registry for a bride." they say "ok, whats the first and last name of either the bride or the groom?" i ask, then they go "uhh... starts with a D and ends with Smith, or Johnson, or... something...?" we keep registries for 2 yrs...that little information, makes it impossible to find who you want.

Just because the customer is always right, doesnt mean you're allowed to be stupid.

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