Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PJ gots a new toy...

I like to look at random stuff for sale; Ebay, Craigslist, and the ever-growing popular ZIdaho.com (for those of you who live in ID, at least.) I find it kinda fun and interesting to see what people will price a table or an 80's transformers toy in the shape of a cassette tape. or to see what a 1976's toilet looks like and why it's worth 120 dollars.

Zidaho, however, is unique in the aspect that it follows only IDAHO's laws. Craigslist follows californian law, becuase that's where it's baised. ebay follows... Planet Ebay laws? i dunno. but anyway, Zidaho allows the posting of ammo, guns, and stuff of that nature. and Idaho law allows private sale of a firearm to anyone 18 years and older. So I was looking over it the other day, and saw a VERY good deal on a Springfield XD SC .40 cal handgun. aaaand i took the guy up on the offer.

I'm the proud new owner of exactly that. :D

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